About Us

Hello and welcome to Chef Cooking with Chef Blackanese Show. My name is Michial Foy, however a long time ago I was dubbed “Chef Blackanese”. I purchased Dragon Inn Restaurant over 15 years ago. During that time my customers was amazed that an Afrian-American could successfully operated a full service 6000 square foot Chinese Restaurant. Incredible as that may seem the former owner, Chef Tony Chang tought me all the secretes of raditional Mandarin and Cantonese style cooking. The word out, there was a new owner in of the Dragon Inn and he goes by the name of Chef Blackanese.

Since than we have launch our first cooking show to illustrate the ifne art of Chinese Cooking. We aim to have some fun, while sharing old Chinese cooking technics and recipes. Most of all we want to show the world that we all come together and appreciate our cultural ethnic background over delicious food!

Feel free to send your favor Chinsese Food Dish recipe and it could be showcased on Cooking with Chef Blackanese Show.