Chinese Recipes for Beginners

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Choosing a good Chinese recipe can be hard if you have never prepared much Chinese food in the past. With ingredients you may not be used to and cooking styles you are unfamiliar with, it might seem a little scary when looking through recipes.

It’s best to start with something easy and fun unless you are an experienced cook or you know exactly what you want. If you absolutely love pot stickers, you
might try making those.

For most people, the best Chinese recipes to start with are single course dishes. The easiest are usually rice, a few vegetables and one kind of meat.

If you get more complex than that, you might have too much going on at once and it can feel overwhelming. It’s very easy to start some rice and cook your meal
while the rice is cooking.

Rice usually takes about 20 minutes and it should take about that long to cut some meat and vegetables and get them cooking. Stir fry is the easiest thing to
cook. It’s basically meat and vegetables seared over high heat while stirring constantly.

When choosing a Chinese recipe, you should keep in mind how many people you are going to feed. If it’s just a meal for one or two, you can get a little
fancier and try a couple different types of sauce.

If you are feeding kids, you can’t go wrong with something familiar like sweet and sour chicken. If you try to serve up a bunch of Chinese bean pancakes, the
kids might protest.

It’s always best to start small and try something familiar.

Chinese Recipes for Kids

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There are a lot of Chinese recipes out there that are not only familiar but very fun to make. From egg rolls to won tons, not only are they delicious but you can
get the entire family involved in the cooking process.

Kids love to make egg rolls and won tons and enjoy having the freedom to put their own ingredients inside.

A fun way to change around your typical egg roll recipe is to let your family decide what goes into them. You can use anything from cheddar cheese and ham
to peanut butter and jelly.

The fun part is the rolling. It’s a great family experience to sit together and create something. Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, it’s the effort that
makes it great.

Won tons are basically smaller and differently shaped egg rolls and are a lot of fun to make too. Even a 4 year old can make a won ton so families of all ages
can do this together.

Traditionally, won tons have ground pork, onions, and special Chinese vegetables and seasoning but just like egg rolls, you can mix it up a little.

Some cream cheese or frosting inside and some cinnamon and sugar can make for an interesting treat that everyone will like.

For older kids, you can teach them to make almost anything if they are willing. They can help chop vegetables, learn to cook rice, or even make a stir
fry with little help.

It can be very rewarding to have your family help in the kitchen and it might even become a hobby or career for them one day.

Chinese Food Recipes

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Chinese recipes for cooking are some of the most interesting and delicious types you can find.

From your standard stir fry to more exotic dishes with shrimp or duck, Chinese recipes are sure to be a big hit at your dinner table or any type of get together.

There are thousands of Chinese recipes out there you can find in cookbooks, on television, or on the Internet.

Chinese recipes are often handed down throughout the generations and some have origins that date back thousands of years. Granted, there wasn’t near the
technology we have today with electric woks, rice cookers, and deep fryers but the recipes remain unchanged.

Chinese recipes have a very rich history and cultural heritage but many were created by the lower class who worked very hard and needed to have a good meal. This is why so many Chinese recipes revolve around China’s main food staple. Rice.

Rice is a very important part of Chinese recipes. Not just for it’s filling properties but because the climate in China is perfect for rice.

It grows fairly fast and has a high yield making it the perfect food to accompany a meat or seafood dish. By adding rice, a meal for two can easily become a
meal for five. This is accomplished in the same way by using another staple of Chinese food which is noodles.

Chinese recipes vary from being easy to taking hours upon hours to prepare. If you are not used to Chinese cooking, you may need to buy some new cookware that is
suitable for what you will be making.

A wok is very handy for stir fry and deep fried dishes and is a lot less messy than your standard frying pan. With a little trial and error, you can make many
different Chinese recipes a fun new addition to your menu.